Meet Our Staff

The staff of the Office of Housing & Residence Life includes both professionals and students.  The staff serve as resources and provide daily supervision of the residential community.


  • Josh Justice
    Director of Residence Life
    | 276-376-4517
    The Director of Residence Life (DRL) is responsible for the oversight, planning, and strategic management of a comprehensive Residence Life program for approximately 800 students residing on the campus. The DRL provides leadership and vision in the continuing development of the residential program, offers insight and provides guidance to the residence life staff, and will support the mission and vision that define the university.  Other duties include adjudicating residence life disciplinary hearings and advising RHA.
    DRL Josh Justice  
  • Annamarie Russell
    Cavalier Farms CC  | 276-376-4354

  • Brad Morris
    Highland Hills RD 
    | 276-376-4066

  • Brittanie Jones
    Jefferson Trails CC  | 276-376-4700
  • The Community Coordinators (CCs) & Resident Director (RD) are responsible for assisting with the daily operations in one of the three campus residential communities -- Cavalier Farms, Highland Hills and Jefferson Trails.  The CCs & RD provide direct supervision to the RA staff in his/her community as well as coordinating and overseeing all mediations, resolving conflicts, and programming initiatives in that community. 
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 RD Brad Morris

CC Brittanie Jones

  • Tamara Robinson
    Coordinator of Housing Operations | 276-376-4502
    The Coordinator of Housing Operations (CHO) makes all room assignments and manages residence life student information system data entry, records and accounts.  Other duties includes budget management and processing of judicial affairs information. 
    Tamara Robinson, CHO  
  • Student Office Assistants
    The Student Office Assistants are currently-enrolled students who work a limited number of hours each weekday in the Student Life office.  The SOAs report to the Coordinator of Housing Operations and assist with judicial and housing paperwork, in addition to providing office coverage as needed. 


  • Resident Advisors (RAs)
    The Resident Advisor (RA) is a highly motivated student leader who serves as the primary contact for the College's  residential students. The RA is reponsible for fostering relationships and cultivating a sense of community in his/her area of influence. The RA works to help connect his/her residents to all the campus has to offer while also bringing opportunities for growth and development into the residential communities.

    Other specific RA duties include: planning programs and events, mediating roommate conflicts, helping residents take ownership of the policies and regulations of the College, serving as part of an on-call duty rotation, being a resource for residents, and participating in the state RA leadership conference.
 RA Forrest Duncan  RA Kimmy Frazier RA Vince Freels   RA Jacob Garman
Forrest Duncan
McCraray Hall
Kimmy Frazier
McCraray Hall
Vince Freels
McCraray Hall
Jacob Garman
McCraray Hall
 RA Dakota Hill RA Shannon Howell RA Kenya Lyons RA Landry Mullins 
Dakota Hill
McCraray Hall
Shannon Howell
McCraray Hall
Kenya Lyons
McCraray Hall
Landry Mullins
McCraray Hall
 RA Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese
McCraray Hall
McCraray Hall 
 RA Ryon Birtsch RA Ashley Blaylock  RA Sarah Douglass  RA Megan Gray 
Ryon Birtsch
Thompson Hall
Ashley Blaylock
Henson Hall
Sarah Douglass
Asbury Hall 
Megan Gray
Martha Randolph Hall
  RA Elizabeth Otim RA Alex Pilcher  RA Katie Scott  RA Shannon Walker 
Elizabeth Otim
Martha Randolph Hall
Alex Pilcher
Henson Hall
Katie Scott
Henson Hall 
Shannon Walker
Henson Hall 
 RA Pam Wright      
 Pam Wright
Henson Hall 
RA Emily Burdick RA Katelyn Cantrell RA Leeanna Hale   RA Eric Hartnett
Emily Burdick
Culbertson Hall 
Katelyn Cantrell
Commonwealth Hall 
Leeanna Hale
Commonwealth Hall
Eric Hartnett
Commonwealth Hall
 RA Katie Jo Holman vacant
 RA Morgan Mays RA Ashlyn Moore
Katie Jo Holman
Culbertson Hall
Commonwealth Hall 
Morgan Mays
Culbertson Hall
Ashlyn Moore
Culbertson Hall 
RA Michael Roarke RA Ran Tao     
Michael Roark
Culbertson Hall 
Ran Tao
Culbertson Hall