Programs of Study in Administration of Justice

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Administration of Justice

Core Curriculum Courses

Credit Hours

AJU 1100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice


AJU 2010 – Quantitative Methods in the Behavioral Sciences

(PSY 2010;SOC 2010)


CSC 2100 – Computer Literacy


AJU 2450 – Juvenile Delinquency (SOC 2450)


AJU 3030 – Methods of Social and Behavioral Research (PSY 3030/SOC 303)              


PSY 3060 – Individual Differences and Cultural Diversity                       


AJU 3500 – Criminology (SOC 3500)


AJU 3510 – Judicial Process (POL 3510)                                                      


SOC 3600 – Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


AJU 3650 – Deviance and Social Control (SOC 3650)            


PSY 4010 – Abnormal Psychology                     


AJU 491 – Senior Seminar in Administration of Justice



Students are offered the opportunity to select a field of concentration for focus within the major in Administration of Justice. All students are required to take the core curriculum courses listed above and then may focus their studies by taking at least two elective courses, six elective credits, in the fields of concentration listed below: (each class is 3 credits)


LAW AND ADMINISTRATION - providing a political science emphasis


POL 3140 Public financial Administration
AJU 4700 Criminal Law and Procedure
AJU 4720 Constitutional Law (POL 4720)
AJU 4730 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (POL 4730)


ORGANIZATION OF ADMINISTRATION - providing a sociology emphasis


SOC 1200 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 3400 Complex Organizations
AJU 3450 Corrections
AJU 3950 Organized and White Collar Crime


COUNSELING AND JUSTICE - providing a psychology emphasis


PSY 331 Social Psychology (SOC 331)
PSY 402 Personality
PSY 472 Child Development
PSY 474 Adolescent Development
PSY 475 Intentional Interviewing and Counseling




Students are not required to select a field of concentration. Students that do not select a field of concentration are able to complete the requirements for the major by taking at least two of any of the elective courses, six elective credits, listed above.


A minimum of 120 semester hours consisting of general education requirements, core requirements, and electives must be completed for graduation.



Minor in Administration of Justice


A minor in Administration of Justice consists of AJU 1100 and AJU 3500 plus 12 hours of upper division courses in Administration of Justice for a total of 18 hours.