Programs of Study in Sociology

Bachelor of Science: Major in Sociology


The psychology major emphasizes skills which are useful for the student interested in careers where knowledge of human behavior and mental processes are important. However, these skills are especially useful for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology and related fields, or careers in mental health services. Students are encouraged to complete a minor in a discipline approved by their advisor and faculty from the chosen discipline. Course requirements are listed below.


Core Curriculum Courses

Credit Hours

COS 1100 – Computer Literacy


SOC 1100 – Introduction to Sociology


SOC 1200 – Contemporary Social Problems


SOC 2750 – Integrated Statistics and Methodology for the Social Sciences


SOC 4990 – The Project of Sociology



Two of the following courses:

SOC 3300 – Sociology of Gender

SOC 3400 – Complex Organization

SOC 3500 – Criminology

SOC 3600 – Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations




One of the following two courses are required:

SOC 4100 – Classical Sociological Theory

SOC 4200 – Modern Sociological Theory




Five upper-division sociology courses approved by advisor, as electives




The sequence of SOC 2030 and SOC 3030 may be substituted for core requirement of SOC 2750.  Students who plan to go to graduate school are encouraged to take the two course sequence.   



The sociology major requires that students must first complete SOC 2750 – Integrated Statistics and Methodology for the Social Sciences or substitute courses SOC 2030 and SOC 3030; the student must also complete SOC 4100 or SOC 4200.  THESE COURSES MUST BE TAKEN IN THIS ORDER and it is expected that students can complete these courses in their Junior and Senior years.  If the student wishes to graduate early this sequence must be begun in the sophomore year.




Minor in Sociology


A minor includes at least 18 semester hours in sociology, 12 of which must be in courses at the 3000 level or above.  A course applied to requirements for a major may not be applied to requirements for the minor.