Career Services -- Programming

Career Services at UVa-Wise offers a variety of programming opportunities that assist in career planning, selecting a major, resume writing, choosing and applying to graduate school, entrance exams, etc. 

Our spring 2014 event calendar is posted [here] and on the College web calendar [here].  Event details are provided below:

Advice and a Slice is a way for employers to be involved in the career development of students by assisting in educating students about the job search process, specific industries, and more. Through Advice and a Slice, employers are invited to campus to speak on a topic of their choice, either specific to their industry or a general career development issue.  For example, a pharmaceutical representative for a drug company could speak about entering into that industry and provide guidance to students on how to build their resumes, how to gain experience, what the interview process is like, etc.  General career issues could include writing an effective resume, office etiquette in the workplace, or ways to be financially responsible for students who are new to earning a salary. 

Advice and a Slice provides a relaxed forum in which students feel comfortable with employers, giving them the opportunity to speak with experts. Employers provide the pizza (that’s where the 'slice' comes in) and Career Services provides the facility and drinks, and most importantly, the students!  Students pre-register in Career Services to provide the employers with an accurate number of attendees.

On- and off-campus career fairs provide opportunities for students to expand their career and/or graduate school searches.  Career Services offers a variety of 'getting prepared' events on topics such as navigating career fairs, resume building, and dressing appropriately - stop in today!

Three annual off-campus events that students often attend are the Diversity Career Fair held in Charlottesville, the Interstate Career Fair in Bristol, and Career Premier in Roanoke.  Career Services provides students and alumni with assistance with the registration and preparation for these events.

Join Career Services for refreshments and receive helpful information and advice for your own career and/or graduate school search.

A credential file is a confidential record maintained by UVa-Wise Career Services for students and alumni that is shared with prospective employers and/or graduate schools.  A credential file contains current and/or permanent address, academic information such as your major, degree, and graduation date, and transcripts if you wish, as well as competencies and test scores.  Credential files assist you in keeping your information in a central location, ready for distribution to a potential employer when you need it.  They are especially helpful to education majors who require additional competencies and certifications.

There is no fee to establish and maintain a credential file.  You are encouraged to regularly update your credential file.  Any file that has remained inactive for more than five years will be purged. 

Distribution of each credential file requires the following accompanying fee at the time of the request:  $5 - standard mail, $5 - fax, and $15 - federal express.  Payment may be processed by check (made payable to UVa-Wise Career Services) or by debit/credit card over the phone to the Cashier's Office (276-328-0108).  Please note that you are the only individual authorized to request distribution of your file.  For distribution, the complete mailing address of the recipient(s) must be provided at the time of the request.  Credential files are distributed within 24 hours of receipt of the request and payment when possible. 

Forms to establish a credential file are available [HERE] in a fillable/printable pdf format.

UVa-Wise Career Services and Chartwell Dining Services work collaboratively to provide students with a unique learning experience.  The Dining Etiquette program places students in an actual dining situation where they learn awareness of tableware placement, proper use of eating utensils, and how to appropriately converse during a business meal.  This program is typically offered once per academic year.

These events, held in the Slemp Student Center from 11 am-2 pm, provide students with an on campus opportunity for to share their resumes, learn more about various organizations and graduate schools, and potentially schedule an interview with a potential employer.  Career Services offers a variety of 'getting prepared' events on topics such as resume building, and dressing appropriately - stop in today!

A variety of other workshops and programs are offered throughout the academic year by UVa-Wise Career Services.  Topics ranging from resume building and career fair navigation to choosing a major and applying for graduate school are offered in the classroom setting for first year students and by displicine, as open forums, and as part of residence life's programming opportunities.  Career Services will work to provide you with the workshop topic and format that best meets the needs of your audience.

For additional inquiries about UVa-Wise Career Services, contact us at 276-328-0126 or