Summer College : Recurring Summer Core Schedule

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Department Course # Course Name Summer I Summer II Frequency
Business and Economics ACC  2010 Principles of AccountingI X   every summer
ACC 2020 Principles of Accounitng II   X every summer
BUS  2110 Quantitative Analysis w/Spreadsheet (on-line) X every summer
BUS  3120 Business Iinformation Systems X   every summer
ECO  1050 Foundations of Economics (on-line) X every summer
ECO  2050 Microeconomic Principles X   every summer
ECO  2060 Macroeconomic Principles   X every summer
ECO 2240 Quantitative Methods I X   every summer
ECO 2250 Quantitative Methods II   X every summer
Communications COM  1000 Public Speaking X   every summer
COM 3400 Business and Professional Communication X   every summer
Education EDU  3690 Exceptional Child in Regular Classroom X   every summer
EDU  4080 Classroom Management/Discipline X   every summer
History, etc. HIS  1010 History of Western Civilization I X   every summer
HIS  1020 History of Western Civilization II   X every summer
HIS 1070 American History I X   odd years
HIS 1080 American History II   X even years
REL  1020 Survey of the New Testament X   every summer
HIS  3000 Introduction to Historical Research and Writing X every summer
REL 3000 Religions of the World   X every summer
Lang & Lit ENG 1020 Composition X   every summer
ENG 3000  Intro to Lit.   X every summer
ENG 3040  Lit. of the Fantastic  X   even years
ENG 3140 Irish Lit. X   odd years
ENG 3060  Western Lit. II    X even years
ENG 3090 Asian-Am. Lit.   X odd years
ENG 3150 Mystery Novel   X every summer
ENG 3280 Brit. Survey II X   every summer
ENG 3420  History of English Language X   even years
ENG 3410 Linguistics X   odd years
FRE 1010 Elementary French  X   every summer
FRE 1020 Elementary French    X every summer 
SPA 1010 Elementary Spanish X   every summer 
SPA 1020 Elementary Spanish   X every summer  
SPA 2010 Intermediate Spanish X    
SPA 2020 Intermediate Spanish   X  
LIB LIB  3300 School Library Administration   X every summer
Math/CS/CWE CSC  1100 Computer Literacy   X every summer
MTH  1110 Precalculus I X   every summer
MTH  1180 Elementary Probability & Statistics X   every summer
MTH  1210 Precalculus II   X every summer
MTH 2010 Euclidian Geometry  X   every summer
MTH 2020 Problem Solving    X every summer
CSC 1180   C++ Programming X   every summer
CSC 2180  Data Structures   X every summer
Natural Sciences CHM  1010 College Chemistry I X   every summer
CHM  1011 College Chemistry Lab I X   every summer
CHM  1020 College Chemistry II   X every summer
CHM  1021 College Chemistry Lab II   X every summer
BIO  1010 Principles of Biology X   every summer
BIO  1011 Principles of Biology Lab X   every summer
NAS  10XX Natural science to satisfy general education requirements X   every summer
NAS  10XX Natural science to satisfy general education requirements   X every summer
Social Sciences  AJU 3950 Serial Killers & Their Victims   X even years
AJU 3951 Cyber Crime   X odd years
AJU History of Violence X   every summer
AJU Drugs in America   X even years
AJU Juvenile Justice    X odd years
POL 101 American National Politics  X   every summer
POL 1030/1040 Western Heritage of Politics X   every summer
SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology X   every summer
PSY 1100 Introduction to Psycology  X X every summer
Psy 3000/3750 Psychology of Gender   X every summer
PSY 3220 Human Sexuality  X   odd years
PSY 3240 Psychology of Religion X   even years
PSY 3750 Psychology of Love X   every summer
PSY 4740 Life Span Development   X even years
PSY 4300 Forensic Psychology   X odd years
PSY 3015 Integraded Statistics and Methodology X   every summer
VPAR Art 1000 Introduction to Art   X every summer
Art 1010   Art to Fulfill  both General Education or Major Requirement:   X odd years
Art 1210 Art to Fulfill  both General Education or Major Requirement:   X even years
Art 3100 Black & White Photography X   every summer
Music 1040 Music to Fulfill both General Education or Major Requirement:   odd years
Music 2030 Music Appreciation   X every summer
Music 2038/3038 Music to Fulfill both General Education or Major Requirement:   even years