The Wise Guys Tuba Euphonium Ensemble and the UVa-Wise Bluegrass Band have been invited back to perform for the Transatlantic Dialogue Conference in Luxembourg this May.

The TAD meets every three years and is an international conference that focuses on creating bonds through cultural diplomacy. The University of Luxembourg sponsors the conference.

Each group will perform in three different venues during the conference. On Wednesday, May 24, they will join ensembles from Japan, South Africa, Mexico and Luxembourg for an All American/All European concert on the campus of the University of Luxembourg.  On Thursday, May 25, the ensembles will perform an open-air concert in the city of Esch and on Friday, May 26, they will do a final performance at the gala closing ceremony for all of the conference participants.

In addition to performing for the conference the students will attend many of the 48 sessions that are a part of the three-day conference. Up to 350 people are expected to attend the conference hailing from the United States, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Mexico.

Richard Galyean, instructor of music and director of bands directs the Wise Guys. The UVa-Wise Bluegrass band is directed by Chris Rose.