UVa-Wise Students attended the Vanderbilt University Open House for scholars interested in graduate training in the biomedical sciences on Nov. 4.

The event was co-hosted by the Training Program in Environmental Toxicology, the Molecular Biophysics Training Program, the Chemical Biology of Infectious Disease Training Program and the Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program. These four programs support graduate and post-graduate training at Vanderbilt University through funding of trainee stipends and material support of research activities.

Students attended seminars from faculty representing each of the four training programs outlining the exciting research opportunities available at Vanderbilt University. They toured the VU Medical Center campus and visited research core centers where current graduate students described the equipment and how they used it in their cutting-edge research. The students visited the Center for Structural Biology, including the Biomolecular NMR, Cryo Electron Microscopy, and Macromolecular Crystallography Facilities, Nikon Center of Excellence Microscopy Laboratory and the VU High-Throughput Screening Core Facility. They also participated in a roundtable discussion with current VU graduate students on topics including how to apply to graduate school, what to expect after admission and how to prepare for the future.

UVa-Wise students also met several VU faculty, including Professor Walter Chazin, who initially extended the invitation. Chazin is a Chancellor’s Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, and is the Director of both the Center for Structural Biology and the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant. The students discussed their research with Chazin and gained valuable insight into how to apply for graduate school and, importantly, how to succeed in their graduate training.

Students attending the open house were Sarah Hall (Sr., Biochemistry), Brandon Thompson (Sr., Biology), Hannah Daniels (Jr., Biochemistry), Rion Caldwell (Sr., Biochemistry), Logan Baker (Jr., Biochemistry), and Bridgette McCarty (Jr., Biochemistry).