Tired of walking in this kind of weather? Carrying too much to class? Check out Cavalier Connection, the new transit system on campus.

UVa-Wise is pleased to announce that in collaboration with MEOC Transit we have developed Cavalier Connection. Cavalier Connection is in the pilot stage now. It will run from 7:05 a.m. to 6:05 p.m. starting tomorrow January 10, 2018 and is available to students, faculty and staff.

Wed. 01/10/2018 – Fri. 01/12/2018 will be free for all students and Faculty/Staff.
After that you must buy a ride card from the bookstore. The cards cost $10 (Student or Faculty/Staff ID required) and provide you with 20 rides. That is just $.50 per ride.

The route runs as follows:

Pick-up location__________Pick-up time________Pull time
Cavalier housing__________7:05am____________7:10 am
Smiddy Hall Side Street____7:17 am___________7:20 am
Walk 2 Campus___________7:22 am___________7:27 am
Upper Commuter Lot______7:33 am___________7:38 am
Zhemer Lot_______________7:39 am___________7:43 am
Greear Gym (front doors)___7:45 am___________7:48 am
Smiddy Side Street________7:50 am___________7:52 am
McCraray Curve___________7:54 am___________7:57 am
Arts Center________________7:58 am___________8:00 am
Smiddy Side Street_________8:02 am___________8:04 am
Repeat Route

Each stop will repeat at the same time every hour.

Be on the lookout for signs with the Cavalier Connection logo

These signs represent the Pick-up locations for the Transit System.

Need to go off campus to shop or eat? Maybe don’t want to lose your parking spot? Have no fear, an off-campus route is coming soon! Until then just call 276-523-RIDE or 276-523-7433 give us 24 hours’ notice and catch a ride to your local destinations. All you need is the ride card that can be purchased at the Bookstore or use exact change.