The first few days of the Cavalier Connection have been successful as we have had over 120 people take advantage of the transit system. We have decided that starting next week, Cavalier Housing and Walk2Campus will be on-demand stops ONLY.

This means if you want the Cavalier Connection to pick you up from either of these off-campus locations, you must call 276.523.7433(RIDE) and request to be picked up.


This will allow the Connection to double the route in an hour and decrease the time you have to wait at each stop.

ALSO, The transit will begin using the ride card system on Monday. So go purchase a $10 card for 20 rides or pay exact change $.50 to the driver before you ride. Save your gas, the use of your vehicle, and your parking spot.


WE ALSO HAVE VERY EXCITING NEWS for the Cavalier Connection. We have confirmed that our off-campus transit will begin on Monday, January 15, 2018. We will be running a two bus on-campus shuttle from 9am-11am. At 11am one of the buses will break off the route and wait at Smiddy hall until 11:05. We will then will begin the off-campus route. You can get on the bus and run errands, go to lunch as a group, whatever you need to do off-campus without losing your parking spot on-campus.


This is what the off-campus route will look like:

Start Smiddy Hall at 11 am for boarding and pull at 11:05 am

We will run a limited route going to the following stops:

1st stop Glades at 11:10 am

2rd stop Wal-Mart Shopping Center at the McDonalds Entrance 11:25 am

3rd stop would be Glades return trip at 11:35 am

4th stop would be B-Line return trip at 11:40 am

5th stop would be Smiddy Hall at 11:45 am

Bus will stop at Food City on demand


Repeat every hour until 6:00pm


Times may vary depending on demand just speak with your driver

You may request a stop when you board the bus.

The bus will run on 45 minutes to 1 hour intervals.

Don’t forget, if you need to go anywhere off campus at a specific time, call 276.523.7433 (RIDE) and schedule a bus to take you to your destination.