The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Board voted Friday, March 29, to rollback a three percent tuition increase because additional funding approved by the Virginia General Assembly will cover slightly more than what the tuition boost would have provided.

Chancellor Donna P. Henry said the $52 million that Virginia’s public colleges and universities receive will allow UVa-Wise to eliminate the three percent increase. UVa-Wise will receive an additional $235,000 to offset the increase. The same rollback applies to the technology fee as well.

In November 2018, the UVa-Wise Board approved the tuition increase and the University of Virginia Board of Visitors approved the increase at its December meeting. UVa-Wise is a division of UVA. However, the Virginia General Assembly included an item in the budget called the In-State Undergraduate Moderation Fund, which would provide the liberal arts college with $235,000 to be added to the college’s base operating budget for fiscal year 2020.

To receive the money, UVa-Wise must maintain the in-state tuition and its technology and academic credentialing fee at the same level as charged in fiscal year 2019. Auxiliary student fees will continue to be charged at the rate previously approved by the College Board and the Board of Visitors. The Board of Visitors must approved the roll back as well in a future meeting in Charlottesville.

“We are very pleased the state legislature approved the additional state funds,” Henry said. “We believe the tuition increase rollback will benefit our students and their families and allow us to maintain our mission of access and affordibility.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, tuition for a full-time in-state student at UVa-Wise would have been $5,693. With the roll back, tuition will now be  $5,527.  The technology fee goes down $4 to $147.