The University of Virginia’s College at Wise recognized its December graduates at a brunch held in the Prior Convocation Center on Saturday.

Chancellor Donna P, Henry joined faculty, staff, and families of the graduates in the ceremony. She urged the graduates to be unafraid to be authentic, to be brave in the face of adversity, and to face personal and professional challenges with both knowledge and compassion.

Henry thanked the families for supporting the graduates throughout their academic careers at UVA Wise. She reminded the crowd that many students at the College are the first in their families to attend college. The graduates will change the lives of their families in many ways, she said.
“Knowing that the world will change, lead your lives and lead the world with the skills and practices that a liberal arts education has instilled in you,” she said.

The skills and practices she listed included inquiry, healthy skepticism, critical and analytical thinking, and effective communication and teamwork.

“We are so proud of you,” she said. “Congratulations on the completion of your undergraduate degrees. Come back to visit often, stay in touch, and always know that we have a place for you at UVA Wise.”

Henry encouraged the graduates to participate in the May 9, 2020 formal commencement exercises and she present them with a commemorative coin as a token of remembrance of their time on campus.

The December 2019 graduates include:

James Winston Adams, III
Jessica Dawn Apgar
Cole Andrew Bailey
Paige Amanda Blackford
Megan Aimilee Bright
Rachel Nicole Burchette
Carli Cheyenne Cassell
Tannor Cates
Emily Grace Collier
Cole Dickenson
Amanda Paige Dockery
Katie Laura Dupuie
Dustin Allen Miller Fields
Christina Marie Fleming
Scott Timothy Foor
Jarrod Logan Lee Gardner
David Clayton Goodman
Emily Anne Helton
Skyler Steven Kuehnel
Daniel Isaac Laughlin
Melanie Renea Morris
Chandler Blake Mullins
Daniel Wayne Mullins
Kayla LeeAnn Mullins
Thomas Allan Noble
Madeline Emily Alexis Parks
Malik Haggai Pearson
William Boone Pendergraph
Elizabeth Gayle Popa
Devante L. Purvis
Perenelle Ada Quinn
Joshua Richard Rasimowicz
Karina Rufino
Allison McKenzie Salyer
Cody Shepard
Jordan Shepard
Matti-Jo Morgan Spivey
Lauren E. Tankersley
Dennis Jordan Trosper
Vivian Thao-Uyen Vu
Courtney Faith Welch
Emily Dawn Williams
Lauren Sue Williams
Hayden Cody Allen Woods