The University of Virginia’s College at Wise exceeds expectations when it comes to producing graduates who move higher up the income ladder, according to a recent study recently reported in Forbes.

According to a new research paper by Jorge Klor de Alva and Cody Christensen, some schools “are far better at moving students into the middle class and above than others.” UVA Wise is listed in the Top 10 public institutions that produce graduates with upward mobility.

“We are not surprised to see UVA Wise ranked in the Top 10 for high upward mobility,” Chancellor Donna P. Henry said. “The College has transformed lives since it opened in 1954. Our graduates earn degrees that lead to careers that enrich their lives and their children’s lives both economically and socially.”

The study concluded that UVA Wise consistently moves students up the income ladder at levels that are far above expectations. The publication stated that colleges ranked in the Top 10 for higher mobility were not flagship universities or Ivy League institutions but were usually regional, comprehensive colleges.