Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

English Composition: 6 semester hours.
Composition classes are essential in order for students to learn communication skills that are required throughout life. To fulfill this requirement, students take ENG 1010 and 1020. Students who demonstrate advanced placement skills may complete this section by taking ENG 1030.

Literature: 3 semester hours.
Courses dealing with literature expose students to the ideas of other cultures, and contribute as well to stronger communication skills. Students may select literature options from English courses numbered 2120 through 3260, and literature courses taught by foreign language faculty.

Mathematics: 6 semester hours.
Mathematics contributes to the development of formal reasoning skills. Students may select any mathematics course numbered 1000 or higher, except MTH 3010, 3020, 3150, 3210, or 3220.  Note:  Students may not use any 6 hour combination of Math 1000, 1010, or 1110 alone to complete general education .

Physical Education: 1 semester hour.
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Two .5-hour credit courses or one 1-semester-hour credit course, to be selected from Physical Education Activity Courses (Basic Skills) or MSC 1217.

Freshman Seminar : 1-2 semester hours.
This seminar is required of all freshmen and serves as an introduction to life at UVa-Wise. Seminars focus upon study skills, academic imperatives, campus life, and campus relationships, and survey of different areas of study offered by the College.

Foreign Language: 6 semester hours.
Liberally educated individuals should be able to communicate and share ideas across languages. Students must complete a 6-semester-hour introductory sequence in a foreign language (1001 and 1020). Exemptions may be made by demonstrating a level of proficiency equivalent to one year  of college language study and/or by successful completion of 1030.

Western Heritage: 6 semester hours.
This requirement explores the culture and traditions of the western world, of which the United States is a part.  Students may choose one class from each of the following course groups to fulfill this requirement, keeping in mind some majors may specify preferred courses from this requirement:  one from ENG 3050, HIS 1010, PHI 2050, and  POL 1030;  and one from ENG 3060, HIS 1020, PHI 2060,and POL 1040.

Natural Science: 8 semester hours.
Understanding laboratory procedures helps to build reasoning skills. Students must select two laboratory science courses, which can be from two different science areas.

Arts: 3 semester hours.
Understanding culture includes an exploration of the arts. Three semester hours are to be selected from art, dance,  music, and theatre. Students may select any combination of three hours (i.e., three 1-semester-hour courses, one 3-semester hour course, etc.) to meet this requirement.

Humanities: 3 semester hours.
Courses in the humanities focus on those experiecnes that make  human beings unique. One course is to be selected from philosophy, religion,  visual and performing arts, 2000-plus level language, or literature, not to duplicate courses taken to fulfill other general education requirements.

Social Science: 9 semester hours.
The social sciences explore individuality and human behavior. No more than 3 semester hours may be taken in any one field, with courses to be selected from 1000- and 2000-level courses in economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or geography (except GEO 201).