General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

Liberally educated humanists like Erasmus created intellectual, social, religious, and political revolutions in Europe during and after the Renaissance.

The General Education program at UVa-Wise is designed to instill in students the skills and habits appropriate to free people in a democratic society.

Grounded in the traditions of the first universities, the General Education program encourages critical thinking and lifelong learning, and provides a firm foundation for the majors. General Education requirements can be fulfilled at UVa-Wise or through completion of the appropriate community college transfer module or two-year degree.

All students pursuing a baccalaureate degree will complete 53 semester hours of general education, a broad distribution of courses selected according to a College-wide formula. Many of the courses that meet the general education requirements are prerequisites for advanced study in the various majors. Students are encouraged to consult the requirements of their prospective majors and select their general education courses carefully.

The general education formula is as follows:

ErasmusErasmus of Rotterdam
by Hans Holbein

Course Subject Semester Hours
English Composition 6
Literature 3
Mathematics 6
Physical Education 1
Freshman Seminar 1-2
Foreign Language 6
Western Heritage 6
Natural Science 8
Arts 3
Humanities 3
Social Sciences 9
Cultural Activities **
Total Semester Hours 53
** Student must attend 4 cultural activities freshman year and 4 cultural activities junior year