Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors

List of College Majors

A major is a group of courses clustered in an area of intellectual inquiry. Students in a major study a particular field of knowledge in depth so that they can read and interpret the literature of that field and perform the work of that field in an effective manner.

UVa-Wise offers three baccalaureate degrees in 30 of the most popular college majors, and the Interdisciplinary Studies Major for students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary studies.

For the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, students will earn a minimum of 120 semester hours in courses that include the general education requirements, all requirements of the chosen major, and electives.

Electives should be chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and may be taken at any time appropriate for the student’s program of study.

Courses taken for general education purposes may be applied as well to satisfaction of major requirements; however, no courses applied to the major may be used to complete a minor.

Major Degree Department
Accounting B.A., B.S. Business and Economics
Administration of Justice B.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences
Art B.A. Visual and Performing Arts
Biochemistry B.S. Natural Science
Biology B.A., B.S. Natural Science
Business Administration B.A., B.S. Business and Economics
Chemistry B.A., B.S. Natural Science
Communication Studies B.A. Language and Literature
Computer Science B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Economics B.A., B.S. Business and Economics
English Literature B.A. Language and Literature
Environmental Science B.S. Natural Science
Foreign Studies
(Concentration in French, German or Spanish)
B.A. Language and Literature
French B.S. Language and Literature
Government B.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences
Health & Physical Education B.A. Education
History B.A. History and Philosophy
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. Interdisciplinary
Liberal Arts and Sciences B.A. Education
Management Information Systems B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics B.A., B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Medical Technology /
Clinical Laboratory Science
B.S. Natural Science
Music B.A. Visual and Performing Arts
Nursing B.S.N. Nursing
Psychology B.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sociology B.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences
Software Engineering B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Spanish B.A. Language and Literature
Theatre B.A. Visual and Performing Arts

List of College Minors

A minor is a field of study in which a student concentrates effort, though without the depth characterizing the major.

Frequently, the minor complements the major; it is also a vehicle to permit the individual to develop an interest not necessarily related to the major field of endeavor.

A minor includes at least 18 semester hours in the chosen discipline, 12 hours of which must be in courses at the 3000-level or above. Some minors may require more than 18 hours for completion.

A course applied to requirements for the major may not be applied to requirements for the minor.

Minor Department
Accounting Business and Economics
Administration of Justice Social Sciences
Appalachian Studies Interdisciplinary
Art Visual and Performing Arts
Biology Natural Sciences
Business Business and Economics
Chemistry Natural Sciences
Coaching Education
Communication Studies Communication Studies
Computer Science Mathematics and Computer Science
Earth Science Natural Sciences
Economics Business and Economics
English Language and Literature
Finance Business and Economics
French Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
Government Social Sciences
Hispanic & Hispanic-American Studies Language and Literature
History History and Philosophy
International Business Business and Economics
International Studies Interdisciplinary
Leadership Interdisciplinary
Library Media Education
Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Science
Medieval-Renaissance Studies Interdisciplinary
Military Science Business and Economics
Music Visual and Performing Arts
Philosophy History and Philosophy
Physics Natural Sciences
Pre-Law Social Sciences
Psychology Social Sciences
Religious Studies History and Philosophy
Secondary Education Education
Sociology Social Sciences
Spanish Language and Literature
Theatre Visual and Performing Arts
Women’s Studies Interdisciplinary