Online and Distance Student Advising

Online and Distance Student Advising

Advising for students who are not in the local area or on the Wise campus can be accessed via telephone conference or electronic communications. Advisors will be happy to telephone students who are unable to make the trip to Wise; telephone conferences may be followed by electronic confirmation. Students may also call the office at 276.328.0134.

Email communication is also welcome (Contact Us). Queries regarding general advising matters — general education requirements, hours, schedule publication— can be addressed freely. Questions that involve the student’s record may require verification of identify.

Students who have declared their majors or who are working in a specific online course sequence, such as Library Media Add-on Endorsement, should access advising from advisors in the appropriate department.  Students who have advisors of record should contact that individual; department chairs may also be accessed and are often listed as secondary advisors for students in the majors.

Contact information for the departments can be found on the department pages.  View our academic departments.

The Office of Advising and Retention is open 8-5p Monday-Friday and other hours by appointment.