The University of Virginia’s College at Wise makes every effort to place students in classes appropriate to their skill levels. Placements are made on the basis of SAT scores, high school records, AP scores, and diagnostic tests/essays.

Placement in 1010 classes is usual. Advanced students may be placed in classes labeled 1030, offering the student the opportunity to complete requirements more rapidly.

In some cases, students will be directed to developmental courses (Math 0900 and English 0099), which permit students to refine their skills and prepare for successful completion of 1000-level courses.

Classes designated in the 0900-0099 category do not contribute to hours earned for graduation and are taken on a pass/fail basis. However, these hours may be counted as part of a student’s full-time load for residence hall and financial aid purposes. Successful completion of these courses is necessary for admission to 1000-level courses required for general education.

Placements are determined by the department offering the requirements and questions or appeals of the placement should be made to the chair of the department.