Cultural Activity Requirement

Cultural Activity Requirement

All students are required to attend four (4) cultural activities during their freshman year and four (4) cultural activities during their junior year. Cultural activities are defined as approved on-campus activities of broad academic content that contribute to the College’s liberal arts mission. These typically include events such as concerts, theatre productions, art presentations, academic lectures, literary readings, panel discussions, scholarly conferences, and other academically significant events. Pro-Art activities and Symphony of the Mountains concerts held on or off campus are also eligible for cultural activity credit.

The following activities are not eligible for cultural activities credit:

Athletic events
Social events
In-class activities, speakers, or events
Community service activities
Self-help, vocational, or career preparation activities

Only events open to all students are eligible for cultural activities credit. Events sponsored by student groups must have a faculty sponsor willing to take responsibility for program content. Applications for the awarding of cultural activity credit are made by faculty members. The Academic Dean is tasked with assigning cultural activity credit to events, recording student attendance, and keeping track of student totals of credits earned. In cases where the eligibility of an event is disputed, the Academic Dean will submit the application and other supporting materials to the General Education Committee for a final decision. In order to be guaranteed this consideration, applications for cultural activity credit must be submitted at least two weeks before the event.

Transfer students who first attend the College upon completion of their freshman year elsewhere must complete the junior year requirement only.

The College will continue to provide many cultural events at the 1 p.m. Convocation hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These programs will make it simple for commuter students and non-traditional students to attend events without having to return to campus in the evening. When students attend any of these events and wish to have them count as a cultural activity, they must sign in when they arrive and out at the end of the program.

For more information, please consult the current College Catalog or speak with the Academic Dean.

Sheet

Following the event, forms should be sent in campus mail to Amelia Harris or delivered to Smiddy Hall 204.

For a listing of all college events, please visit the College Calendar.