Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All research involving human participants conducted at UVA-Wise (employees or students) requires approval from the Institutional Review Board in advance of conducting the research.  This policy includes any type of research including surveys.

All research requires the investigator to submit the following documents to Institutional Review Board in order to obtain approval:

Instructions for how to complete these forms:


After completing any type of investigation, the research will submit a Status & Final Report Form to the Institutional Review Board. The Status & Final Report should be used to request an extension for a research project, if additional time is need that goes beyond the time limits that the IRB has approved.

Instructions to Researchers

Before attempting to fill out any forms, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) recommends you carefully read the instructional information designed to help you correctly complete these forms. These instructional sheets are designed to help you understand the purpose of the IRB, how the IRB makes decisions and how to correctly complete the required forms.


Committee Members

  • Bruce Cahoon (chair)
  • Kristina Feeser (vice-chair)
  • Michael Shell
  • Ryan Huish
  • Trevor Makal
  • Alexandria Reynolds
  • Christa Moore
  • Preston Mitchell (lay-person representative)

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