Become a Tutor


Become a Tutor

Peer tutors work either one-on-one or in small groups with fellow students (tutees), offering academic support and expertise in an informal setting. Some tutors are generalists, focusing on broad skills, or disciplines, while others specialize in certain courses or groups of courses.

For students struggling with their coursework, peer tutors are an important resource because they can offer individual help that is not always possible in the classroom setting. Students can also identify more easily with their peers, who can explain concepts as well as be a positive academic role model.


To apply to become a peer tutor, fill out the following application:

UVa-Wise Tutor Connection Tutor Application

To submit an application, send via email to

Tutor Eligibility Requirements:

Be Enrolled Full-Time

3.0 Minimum GPA

Be Recommended by Faculty

B+ Average in Class for Tutoring