Wise Writes

Wise Writes will improve writing instruction, student writing quality, assessment, and create a culture of writing excellence within the UVa-Wise community.

The Wise Writes plan to improve writing instruction and assessment at UVa-Wise will focus on bridging the gap between general education courses and writing in the disciplines through the development of more intensive writing instruction at the upper level.

Although composition offers the foundation for further development of writing skills, and can serve to introduce students to college-level writing in the disciplines, studies of college writing instruction have shown that teaching effective writing must go beyond the one- or even two-semester composition course(s) generally required at the freshman level. Teaching writing must take place over the student’s entire college career (Segall and Smart 1; Linton, Madigan, and Johnson 170) and should venture across the curriculum as students learn to write in different contexts. (QEP 21).

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Emily Dotson, PhD

Wise Writes Director and Assistant Professor of English
Smiddy Hall 233