Wise Writes Faculty Fellows Program

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Wise Writes Faculty Fellows Program

Email Emily Dotson ead2y@uvawise.edu to apply for the Wise Writes Program!

The Faculty Fellows program must be started in the Fall and requires two semesters of full attendance at all workshops, writing deliverables and participation in assessment to receive the honorarium offered each semester. There will be no honorarium for partial completion of workshops or deliverables.



What are the requirements for a Wise Writes Course?

Research in writing theory has identified the following six factors, which most instructors already do, as essential to improving both instruction and student writing quality and, in turn, grading ease.

____1. Provide students a syllabus with a Writing Statement including specific penalties for poor writing and Writing Learning Outcomes

_____2. Provide students at least one assignment guide in which the purpose, audience, and minimum writing and research requirements are explicitly stated

_____3. Provide students 50 minutes (1 class or 5 ten minute talks) about writing skills (Listed on the course syllabus or schedule)

_____4. Provide students some form of grade instruction and/or a rubric which is used in grading of at least one assignment with the syllabus or assignment

_____5. Require a total of 20 pages of writing (in class and out and formal and informal combined all count) all semester PLUS for this semester add at least one additional page (400 words) of writing

_____6. Require all students to provide a full draft and get feedback (Faculty, peer editor, or the Writing Center) on at least one assignment (Listed on syllabus or assignment)

What if I am not teaching a writing intensive course now or next semester?

If you aren’t teaching a course now Wise Writes is still perfect for you! You will learn all the things you need to consider when developing a writing intensive course and have the opportunity to hear from others currently teaching writing courses. We can easily obtain writing samples from students for assessment when you do teach that course and even assess your assignments as part of Wise Writes.

What if I am already teaching a writing intensive course? How can you help me?

Short Answer: If you are already doing a lot of writing and writing instruction then this is a perfect way to get recognized (and paid) for your efforts, learn strategies for improving writing, join a community of fellow writing teachers, and hopefully become a departmental leader and resource for writing instruction.

I also can do workshops or lectures in your class even if you are not a part of Wise Writes.

Long Answer: The goal of Wise Writes is to make “writing intensive” a specific designation with a clearly defined campus-wide standard for what that means. Although I am happy to help faculty adapt non-writing classes or develop new courses, most faculty who are signing up for the program already have courses that require significant amounts of writing and include considerable writing instruction. What this program does is to create a minimum teaching standard for courses that want to be called writing intensive. Faculty who sign up for Wise Writes are asked to attend eight professional development workshops (4 in fall and 4 in Spring), develop and/or teach a writing intensive course (see below) for the future, and partipipate in assessment.

Depending on what you are already doing in your class you may make only minor changes or this may be quite experimental for you.

Even if you aren’t making considerable changes in your teaching, through the workshops you will gain a community of fellow teachers committed to improving writing. You will have an opportunity to see good writing and good writing practices in multiple disciplines, which should provide useful strategies and resources and help you clarify what matters in your own discipline.

What if I can’t attend all the workshops or need to come late/leave early?

Wise Writes is not an individual tutorial program. Workshops are done in groups because discussion among disciplines is part of the QEP’s goals of fostering campus-wide writing discussion.  Anticipate most workshops to be a full 60 minutes in length. You are expected to attend the entire workshop as scheduled. Stipends and make-up workshops will not be provided for those who leave early or miss scheduled workshops unless there is an emergency situation. If you can’t attend a scheduled workshop contact ead2y@uvawise.edu as soon as possible.

If you know in advance you will not be able to participate, please apply for a subsequent year.

Dr. Emily Dotson, Wise Writes Director
233 Smiddy Hall