Faculty Resources

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Wise Writes Faculty Resources

Wise Writes offers a variety of faculty resources including online and in person faculty workshops and a variety of electronic tools including links to style guides.


Faculty Resources

Pedagogical Resources (General)

Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism

Teaching Logic and Support

Teaching Students to Use Data and Visuals


Online Syllabus Design

Scaffolding Short (8 Week or Less) Courses

Engaged Learning

Inclusive Teaching

Teaching Critical Thinking and Reading

Writing Letters of Recommendation and Evaluations with Samples

Advice for Teaching Online

Pedagogical Resources Specifically for Writing

Why Learn About Research in the Field of Writing

Crafting Writing Assignments that Improve Writing

Sample Writing Rubrics

Giving Grades and Feedback

Syllabus Design For Improved Writing

Teaching Writing at Multiple Levels

Critical Thinking Rubric

Peer Editing/Team Writing

Teaching Grammar

Technical Resources

How to Be Remote Ready

How to Create Good Digital Projects ( Tips For Faculty or Students)

Grading Digital Media (Rubric)

Digital Media Tips

Zoom Tips

MLA, APA & Chicago (Download of PowerPoint with Audio)

Off Campus Training for Faculty

(Free) UVA Linked In Learning (Formerly Lynda)

(Paid) Workshops and Online Teaching Certificate Program at the Online Learning Consortium

Further Reading/Resources

UVA WISE FIRST ( Faculty Resources)


Human Resources

Emily Dotson, Director of Wise Writes ead2y@uvawise.edu

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