Diploma Information

Diploma Information

marthaleonardgradDiplomas will be mailed to graduates approximately four to five weeks after Commencement.

Diplomas for the graduates who will be completing their degree in the summer will be ordered after the second summer school session and mailed approximately six weeks later. Students are encouraged to ensure the address on file with the Registrar’s Office is the correct address for delivery of the official diploma.



The Faculty of The University of Virginia’s
College at Wise have conferred the degree of

Bachelor of Arts


John Q. Student

who has completed the courses prescribed for the degree.
In Testimony Whereof the Faculty have caused this Diploma to be issued under the seal of the College, verified by the signatures of the President of the University, the Chancellor, the Academic Dean and attested by the Registrar of the College at Wise, Virginia, this the eleventh day of May, A.D. 2019 and in the two hundred forty-third year of the Commonwealth.