Courses in Finance


FIN 1020: Personal Finance (3)
insurance and investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
An introduction to financial planning. Topics include money management and personal budgets, credit, insurance and investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


FIN 3100: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (3)
Prerequisite: ECO 1050 or ECO 2060
A study of money, central banking, and financial markets. Topics include the Federal Reserve, commercial banking and deposit creation; financial intermediaries and regulation; the Fed and monetary control; financial markets and interest rates; and topics in international finance.
FIN 3820: Theory of Finance (3)
Prerequisite or corequisite: BUS 2110 and grade of C or better in MTH 1010
An introduction to the theory of finance. Topics include time value of money; valuation of stocks and
bonds; modern portfolio theory; CAPM; and the efficient markets hypothesis.
FIN 3830: Financial Management (3)
Prerequisite: FIN 3820, prerequisite or corequisite: ACC 2020, BUS 2110, ECO 2250
 An introduction to principles of financial management. Topics include financial statements; the firm and its financial environment, discounted cash flow analysis, how corporations issues securities, concepts of risk and return; the cost of capital; capital structure; debt policy, dividend policy; financial statement analysis; and financial planning.
FIN 3920: Investment Analysis (3)
Prerequisite: ACC 2010, prerequisite or corequisite BUS 2110, ECO 2250
An introduction to principles of investment in stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. Topics include
securities markets, portfolio theory, valuation of common stocks, market efficiency, valuation of bonds, and portfolio management.


FIN 4200: International Finance (3)
Prerequisite: ECO 2060 and ECO 3120
A study of the international monetary system and its relationship to U.S. trade and monetary policy. Topics include the foreign exchange market and exchange rate determination; the balance of payments; alternative exchange rate systems; and domestic monetary and fiscal policy in an open economy.