Business Degree Programs

Degree Programs

All majors in the department require satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours, including:

  1. 53 hours of general education requirements of the College
  2. 30 hours of core requirements of the Department
  3. 15 hours of required major-discipline courses
  4. 15 hours of restricted elective courses selected by students from a menu of upper-division courses in each major
  5. Sufficient unrestricted electives to reach a minimum total of 120 hours for the baccalaureate.

Bachelor of Arts
Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree must include 12 semester hours of courses in the humanities (English, history, foreign language, literature, philosophy, or visual and performing arts) at the 3000-level or higher as part of the minimum 120 hours required for the baccalaureate. Foreign language courses numbered 2010 and 2020 may also be counted to meet part of the 12-hour requirement.

The department offers minor in accounting, business administration, economics, finance, leadership studies, military science, and international business. All minors offered by the Department require at least 12 hours at the 3000-level or higher completed through UVa-Wise. Students majoring in accounting, business administration, or economics may not count courses selected as restricted electives in their major program toward a minor offered by the Department. Students are required to meet with the Department Chair or their advisors to design an appropriate course of minor study. Departmental core requirements cannot be counted as part of the 18 hours requirement in a minor if you have a major in accounting, business or economics.