Internship Credits

Internship Credits

Internship Proposal Form

Internship Evaluation Form

Internship Approval Form

The Department of Business and Economics encourages students to complete one or more internships during their time at UVa-Wise, either for credit or not for credit. Students should ordinarily have junior or senior standing before applying for an internship for credit.

Students who are interested in completing an internship, but have no leads with an employer internship sponsor, can contact the Chair of the Department for potential leads. Information about opportunities for internships will also be posted on this webpage.

Students who want to complete an internship for credit will ordinarily have a GPA of at least 3.0, since employer internship sponsors want to work with students who are motivated and committed to success.

Students who want to earn college credit for an internship must complete an Internship Proposal Form. Students complete an internship proposal with help from their faculty internship sponsor (often their faculty academic adviser) and their employer internship supervisor. Contact the Chair of the Department for more information about how to develop a satisfactory internship proposal.

All internships for credit sponsored by the Department of Business and Economics will be taken Credit/No Credit. No letter grade is earned, and the internship does not affect the student’s GPA. To earn college credit for an internship, students must receive a satisfactory Internship Evaluation Form from the employer internship sponsor. Internships for credit cannot be used to satisfy core requirements of the Department or the 30 hours of courses required for a major in the department, but can be counted as a free elective toward the 120 hours required for a degree at UVa-Wise.

To register for an internship for credit, students must register for the internship and submit a completed Internship Approval Form to the Registrar’s office BEFORE THE INTERNSHIP BEGINS.