Economics Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Major in Economics

Departmental Core Requirement (30 hrs)
Students majoring in Economics must complete thirty credit hours of departmental core requirement. 

Required Major-Discipline Courses (6 hrs)
Students majoring in Economics are required to complete six hours of required major-discipline courses.

Elective Major-Discipline Courses (9 hrs)
Students majoring in Economics consult with their academic advisor to select three courses (nine hours) from the list below. 

Restricted Upper-Division Electives (15 hrs)
In addition to required major-discipline courses and elective major-discipline courses, economics majors must complete 15 hours of restricted electives selected from the Department’s upper-division economics (ECO)upper-division business administration (BUS) or upper-division accounting (ACC) course offerings.

Economics Major Requirements Credit Hours
Required Departmental Core Requirement 30
Required Major-Discipline Courses 6
ECO 3050 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECO 3060 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
Elective Major-Discipline Courses (Any Three) 9
ECO 3110 Economics of the Public Sector 3
ECO 3120 International Trade and Policy Issues 3
ECO 3140 International Business 3
ECO 3170 Environmental Economics 3
ECO 3250 Economics of Development and Growth 3
ECO 4100 History of Economic Thought 3
ECO 4110 Public Finance 3
ECO 4160 Econometrics 3
FIN 3100 Money, Banking, and Financial Markets 3
FIN 3820 Principles of Finance 3
FIN 3830 Financial Management 3
FIN 4200 International Financial Management 3
Restricted Upper-Division Electives 15
Total 60