Graduate School in History

About Graduate School in History

scribesMost of us with a graduate degree (either Ph.D. or Masters) look back on the graduate school experience as one of the most enjoyable times of our lives.  It was a period of hard work and hard play.  A book a week in most classes, being responsible for discussions, and even teaching your own courses, all while surrounded by people who shared similar interests, were dealing with the same philosophical issues, and were always willing to engage in intelligent discussion.  In retrospect, graduate professors teach a person much about their field, but graduate colleagues often teach more.

Whether you are just curious about graduate school in history or wholly committed to pursuing an advanced degree, you should stop in and visit with Dr. Brian McKnight to explore the possibilities.

Among the things he can discuss with you are:

  • The job market
  • Getting an M.A. vs. Ph.D.
  • Succeeding in seminars
  • Focusing your interest
  • Strategies for applying
  • Writing your statement of purpose
  • Assistantships and scholarships

Graduate school in History can help you achieve your dreams, just ask these UVa-Wise graduates…

  • Mike Strouth, B.A., UVa-Wise (formerly CVC), 1980; M.A., Union College, 1994.  Currently Assistant Professor of History at Mountain Empire Community College.
  • Sheila Phipps, B.A., UVa-Wise (formerly CVC), 1992; Ph.D., the College of William and Mary, 1998.  Currently Associate Professor of History at Appalachian State University.  Her first book, Genteel Rebel: The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee (LSU Press, 2003) has been well received and widely used by the profession.
  • Jeremy Boggs, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2001; M.A., Virginia Tech, 2003; currently ABD., George Mason University.  Currently working as Associated Director of Research, Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.
  • Julie Yates Matlock, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2006; M.A., Eastern Kentucky University, in progress.
  • Heather Crabtree, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2006; M.A., James Madison University, 2009.  Heather currently works at Vanderbilt University.
  • Eric Vanover, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2007; M.A., Virginia Tech, 2009.  Eric currently teaches at Tidewater Community College.
  • Justin Necessary, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2007; Ph.D., Old Dominion University. Assistant professor at Virginia highlands Community College.
  • Lindsay Lipps, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2007; M.A., East Tennessee State University, 2009.
  • Reuben Swindall, B.A., UVa-Wise, 2008; M.A., University of Montana, 2010.  Currently teaching in France.