Degree Programs: English

Bachelor of Arts in English

The major in English provides students with broad knowledge of British and American literary traditions, history of the English language, and culture from the Old English period to the present.  The major in English also encourages students to pursue specialized interests through courses in British, American, European or World literature, poetry, fiction, drama, and other genres, creative writing, literary criticism / theory, ethnic literatures (Appalachian, African American, Asian American), women writers, film, writing and rhetoric, linguistics, and special topics or problems in literature.

The major in English enjoys small classes and direct contact with the faculty.  It prepares students for secondary teaching, graduate studies, and other professional pursuits, including law, medicine, journalism, theology, and business.

  1. Those who wish to major in English must complete the formal application process.
  2. Those majoring in English must achieve and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.01 in all courses in the major.
  3. Students must complete 12 hours of a foreign language. Six hours of this requirement will be met by the general education foreign language requirement.
  4. Each student must compile a portfolio of five papers written for English literature classes during his or her study at UVa-Wise. This portfolio will be kept in the department chair’s office.
  5. Each senior must schedule and complete an exit interview with English literature faculty prior to graduation.

The Major in English Literature is particularly helpful for students who wish to pursue studies in literature at the graduate level, teach English at the secondary level, attend law school or prepare for theological studies. Combined with other appropriate studies, the major in literature is excellent preparation for the fields of medicine and business.

Students will complete the following course of studies:

Major Core Requirements

Foreign Language: Two additional semesters of a foreign language (2010 and 2020) beyond the general education requirement. 6
LIB 2020, COM 1000, and two English electives numbered ENG 3010 and above. Students certifiying to teach must take EDU 3400 as one of their English electives. 10
ENG 3270, 3280 Survey of British Literature I and II 6
ENG 3810, 3820 Survey of American Poetry and Prose I and II 6
ENG 3450 An Introduction to Literary Theory  3
ENG 4980, 4990 Senior Thesis 1 and 2  3

Area Requirements

Three hours of linguistics selected from the following: (3)

  • ENG 3410 An Introduction to English Linguistics
    (Recommended for those students seeking teaching licensure)
  • ENG 3420 History of the English Language
    (Recommended for those students planning to attend graduate school)

Three hours of ethnic literature from the following: (3)

  • ENG 3010 Appalachian Prose and Poetry
  • ENG 3030 African-American Poetry and Prose
  • ENG 3090 Asian American Literature
  • ENG 3170 Literature of the Diaspora
  • ENG 3180 Scottish Literature

Three hours of English literature from the following: (3)

  • ENG 4000 Chaucer
  • ENG 4010 Studies in Medieval Literature

Three hours from the following: (3)

  • ENG 4050 Shakespeare: The Early Plays
  • ENG 4060 Shakespeare: The Late Plays

Three hours from the following: (3)

  • ENG 3690 16th Century British Literature
  •  ENG 3700 17th Century British Literature
  • ENG 3710 18th Century British Literature

Three hours from the following: (3)

  • ENG 3730 The Early British Novel
  • ENG 4080 British Romanticism
  • ENG 4090 The Victorians

Three hours from the following: (3)

  • ENG 3830 Southern Literature
  • ENG 4070 19th Century American Novel

Three hours from the following: (3)

  • ENG 4030 Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • ENG 4040 Modern and Contemporary Fiction

Minor Requirements

For the minor in English, students are required to complete 18 hours at the 3000 level or above. Students must complete ENG 3450, a 4000 level course, and 12 additional semester hours of literature.

Licensure for Teaching English

Students who wish to pursue the Virginia College Professional Certificate with endorsement to teach English in secondary grades 6-12 must complete general education courses and courses for the English major, professional studies courses, the teaching internship, and meet requirements for admission and retention in the UVa-Wise Teacher Education Program (TEP). Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in 3000-level or above courses in the major to receive a departmental recommendation to the TEP.

Successful candidates for this program must complete 33 hours of courses as follows: EDU 3400 (students who are seeking licensure in Pre-K-6 may substitute EDU 3610), EDU 4740, EDU 3510, 3580, 3690, 4080, 4091, and 4820 (in the fall semester of the student’s final year), and EDU 4910 (in the spring semester of the student’s final year).

Changing state requirements may alter this course list. The student should check with the Director of Teacher Education on a regular basis.