Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

The department of Mathematics and Computer Science has developed the following educational objectives for all graduates of our programs.

Computer Science
Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a few years after graduation should:

PEO1. have moved beyond entry-level positions in their fields

PEO2. have completed or be nearing completion of advanced degrees, or otherwise be continuing their education

PEO3. have taken leadership roles in their organization or communities

PEO4. have become trusted colleagues respected for their leadership, problem solving, and communication skills

Software Engineering
Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, a few years after graduation:

PEO1. will have been trusted with designing projects of increasing size and complexity, beyond entry level, by applying proper software engineering processes and tools

PEO2. will have honed their effectiveness at working in teams and other collaborative situations with multiple people of varied backgrounds across myriad levels of expertise

PEO3. will have demonstrated continuous improvement and adaptation to a constantly changing field through graduate work, professional development, acquisition of new technical proficiencies, and by embracing lifelong learning

PEO4. will have moved into leadership or advanced technical roles, become mentors to new graduates, and become exemplars of ethical, responsible software development.

Any comments, concerns, or suggestions about either set of program
educational objectives should be directed to the department chair, Jacob Somervell. (

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