MCS Teacher Licensure

Teacher Licensure

Licensure to teach mathematics may be obtained at the Pre-K-6, algebra I, and secondary levels.

This licensure requires the Liberal Arts and Sciences Major with the Mathematics Concentration. Students are advised to consult the Director of the Teacher Education Program for specific requirements.

Algebra I Add-on Endorsement
This licensure requires a baccalaureate degree, and endorsement in a teaching area, and 24 semester hours in mathematics to include coursework from the following areas: elementary functions and college algebra; trigonometry; linear algebra; calculus; Euclidean geometry; probability and statistics; discrete mathematics; and computer science. This add-on endorsement licenses one to teach algebra I.

Licensure to teach secondary mathematics requires the baccalaureate degree in mathematics with a minor in secondary education. Students whose interests are in teaching secondary mathematics are required to complete 43 semester hours in mathematics which include 31 semester hours in core courses and 12 semester hours in electives which must include MTH 3120: Introduction to Geometry. Students seeking secondary licensure must also take CSC 1180: Foundations of Computer Programming in C++ and are encouraged to take MTH 3200: Introduction to Number Theory. MTH 3010, 3020, 3030, and 3050 cannot be included in the 43 semester hours.

Computer Science
Teacher licensure with an endorsement in computer science may be obtained by completing the general education requirements, the computer science major, the professional studies courses, and the teaching internship. For additional requirements and information relative to the Teacher Education Program, please contact the Director of Teacher Education.