MIS Degree Programs

Management Information Systems
Degree Information

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in technology related management positions and to provide the background necessary for graduate work in Management Information Systems.

Students majoring in MIS must take MTH 1210: Precalculus II or higher and MTH 1180: Probability and Statistics, and should use these courses to fulfill their general education mathematics requirement. Depending on placement, students may have to take additional mathematics courses.

The courses required for the Management Information Systems major are:

Communications Requirements

Number Course Name Hours
COM 1000 Public Speaking 3
COM 3400 Business and Professional Communication or
COM 3450 Technical Writing 3
Total 6

Business Requirements

Number Course Name Hours
ACT 2010 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACT 2020 Principles of Accounting II 3
ECO 1050 Foundations of Economics 3
BUS 2110 Quantitative Analysis with Spreadsheets 3
BUS 3120 Business Information Systems 3
MKT 2020 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 3310 Principles of Management 3
BUS 4590 Organizational Behavior 3
Total 24

Computer Science Requirements

Number Course Name Hours
CSC 1180 Foundations of Computer Programming in C++ 4
CSC 2180 Data Structures 3
CSC 2300 Software Engineering 3
CSC 3260 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction 3
CSC 3300 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3
CSC 3400 Database Design and Applications 3
CSC 3600 Operations Research 3
CSC 4110 Advanced Database Systems 3
Total 25


Mathematics Requirements

Number Course Name Hours
MTH 1180 Probability and Statistics 3
MTH 1210 Precalculus II (or higher) 3
Total 6

Note: MTH 1180 and MTH 1210 may be used to satisfy General Education Mathematics requirements.
All students seeking a degree in Management Information Systems must perform satisfactorily on comprehensive examinations administered by the department. The examinations will cover the computer science core courses and the business core courses.

Management Information Systems Requirements

Number Course Name Hours
MIS 4990 Management Information Systems Seminar 1
Students must choose a concentration and complete at least two courses from that category (listed below.) 6
Total 7

Degree Total



Management Concentration (choose at least 2 courses)

Number Course Name Hours
BUS 3130 Information Security 3
BUS 3150 Commercial Law I 3
BUS 3410 Conflict Management 3
BUS 3510 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 3620 Social Issues and Business Ethics in Management 3
BUS 3750 Organizational Leadership 3
BUS 3830 Financial Management 3
BUS 4850 Strategic Management 3
FIN 3820 Theory of Finance 3
FIN 3830 Financial Management 3

Systems Concentration (choose at least 2 courses)

Number Course Name Hours
CSC 2220 Programming in Java * 3
CSC 2230 Programming in C# * 3
CSC 3250 UNIX Systems 3
CSC 3750 Web Technologies 3
CSC 4350 Computer Networks 3
CSC 4380 Information Security 3

* Students may count only one programming course for the Systems Concentration.