Careers in Natural Sciences

Take a look at a few of the many career paths you can take with a degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics – or explore general career information at ResearchGate.


Just a few of the many biology-oriented careers (with links for more information)

Academic/College Professor Oceanographer
Agricultural Scientist Paleontologist
Animal Behaviorist Parasitologist
Anthropologist Physiologist
Aquaculturalist Plant Pathologist
Aquatic Scientist Proteomics/Genomics
Biochemist Systematist
Bioethicist Teacher
Bioinformatics Theoretical Biologist
Biological Illustrator Toxicologist
Biological Systems Engineering Veterinarian
Biometrician Wildlife Biologist
Biophysicist Zoological Parks
Biotechnology Zoologist
Cell Biologist Medicine/Health-Related Careers:
Conservation Biologist Anesthesiologist
Curator – Museums Audiologist
Developmental Biologist Clinical Laboratory Technician
Ecologist Cytologist
Endocrinologist Dental Hygienist
Entomologist Dentist
Environmental Law Dermatologist
Food Scientist/Technologist Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Forensic Scientist Epidemiologist
Forester Gerontologist
Functional Morphologist Hospital Administrator
Geneticist/Genetics Counselor Kinesiologist
Herpetologist Medical Doctor
Horticulturist Medical Technologist
Ichthyologist Nutritionist
Immunologist Ophthalmologist
Mammalogist Optometrist
Marine Biologist Osteopathic Doctor
Medicine/Health-Related Careers (seelist to right) Pathologist
Microbiologist Pharmacologist
Molecular Biologist Physician Assistant
Mycologist Radiation Technologist
Respiratory Therapist

Environmental Science

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