Courses in Biochemistry

BCH 3010: Biochemistry I (3)
Prerequisite: CHM 3020
The first semester of a one-year biochemistry course. The course will examine the structure and properties of proteins, focusing on enzyme structure, mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, and control of enzyme activity. Oxidative energy metabolism will be covered.

BCH 3020: Biochemistry II (3)
Prerequisite: BCH 3010
The second semester of a one-year biochemistry course. Structure and metabolism of lipids and biological membranes, and the biosynthesis, degradation and transport of cholesterol will be discussed. Nucleic acid structure and metabolism, and protein biosynthesis will also be covered.

BCH 3050: Analytical Biochemistry (4)
Prerequisite: BIO 2015, BCH 3010
A laboratory course dealing with modern methods of identification and quantification of biologically active compounds with emphasis on theory, operation, and application of instruments.

BCH 4980: Biochemistry Seminar I (1)
Pre- or co-requisite: BCH 3010
An introduction to the biochemical literature. Students will learn how the biochemical literature is structured, how to search the literature and retrieve articles, how to read and dissect those articles, and how to access and use the public biochemical databases.

BCH 4990: Biochemistry Seminar II (1)
Pre- or co-requisite: BCH 3020; Prerequisite: BCH 4980
Students will conduct an extensive literature review and give a public presentation on a biochemical topic.