Environmental Science

Courses in Environmental Science

ENV 2010: Environmental Health (3)
Prerequisite: Eight hours of chemistry and/or biology (with laboratories) or permission of instructor
Characterize the physical, chemical and biological factors in the environment that can potentially affect human health. Define the impact of humans on the environment, and the impact of the environment on humans. Discuss the practice and limitations of assessing, controlling, correcting and preventing those environmental agents that adversely affect human health. Emerging environmental health topics such as global change and environmental degradation in the developing countries are also evaluated.

ENV 2020: Ecology and Evolutionary Processes (3)
Prerequisites: BIO 1020/1021 or permission of instructor
An introduction to systematic biology, population genetics, evolutionary theory, physiological and population ecology, and ecosystem structure and function. Three lecture hours. This course is also listed as BIO 220: Ecology and Evolutionary Processes.

ENV 3010: Land Restoration (4)
Prerequisites: CHM 1010/1011, BIO/ENV 2020, or permission of instructor
Basic principles of soils and plant materials involved in restoring productivity to drastically disturbed lands. Chemistry of soils emphasized. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory or field work per week. Offered alternate years.

ENV 3020: Environmental Geology (3)
Pre- or corequisites: GLG 1010, CHM 1010/1011 or permission of instructor
A study of the interaction between geologic processes and human society. Topics include mineral, water, and energy resources, volcanic hazards, earthquakes, landslides, floods, coastal erosion, pollution problems and environmental management. Three lecture or laboratory hours per week. This course is also listed as GLG 3240: Environmental Geology.

ENV 3030: Environmental Chemistry (4)
Prerequisites: CHM 1020/1021
Fundamental aspects of inorganic and organic chemistry relating to air, water, and soil/land/pollution, its prevention and amelioration. Four class hours. Three class and three laboratory hour. Offered alternate years.

ENV 3860, 3861: Cooperative Education Project I (1-6, 1-6)
Students can obtain information from the Department Chair.

ENV 4860, 4861: Cooperative Education Project II (1-6, 1-6)
Students can obtain information from the Department Chair.

ENV 4950, 4951: Special Topics in Environmental Science (1-6, 1-6)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

ENV 4970: Independent Study (1-3)

ENV 4980-4990: Environmental Science Seminar I, II (2, 2)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior status or permission of instructor
Discussion of environmental issues and problems and their possible solutions by students, staff and outside speakers. Emphasis for part of each year will be on economics, ethics, and law.