Courses in Geography

GEO 2010: Introduction to Physical Geography (3)
The major physical elements of the natural environment, such as land forms, weather and climate, natural vegetation and soils.

GEO 2011: Physical Geography Laboratory (1)
Pre- or co-requisite: GEO 2010
Laboratory component of GEO 2010. Three laboratory hours per week. (Note: Students who take GEO 2010/2011 may not receive General Education credit for GLG 1010.)

GEO 2020: Introduction to Cultural Geography (3)
A regional survey of human or cultural geography of the world with emphasis on the Old World. May not be used to satisfy the general education science requirement.

GEO 2030: Geographic Information Systems (3)
This course provides introductory level knowledge of a dynamic desktop Geographic Information System
(GIS). General geographic information science principles will be introduced through a series of online and
classroom lectures and lab exercises. This course emphasizes the usefulness of GIS with a main focus on
environmental science applications.

GEO 2040: Advanced Geospatial Applications (3)
Pre-requisite: GEO 2030
This course extends the initial Geographic Information Science skill set into real-world case studies,
enabling students to incorporate geospatial data to aid in evaluating environmental concerns. Introduces
the concepts of remote sensing and global positioning systems.

GEO 2050: Introduction to Remote Sensing (3)
This course introduces the use of remotely sensed information in a geographic information system
environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding key concepts important in the fi elds of earth and
natural sciences. Topics include photogrammetry, digital imagery, imagery interpretation, accuracy
assessment, change detection and land use/land classifi cation.

GEO 2060: Geographic Data Management (3)
A comprehensive study of the various forms of geographic data and their origins. Emphasis is placed
upon the acquisition of geographic data and the analysis of the data in relation to common GIS projects.
Students will also be introduced to basic geographic database management concepts including database
design and implementation as well as overall project management.