Helpful Links

Natural Sciences - Helpful Links


Virginia Academy of Sciences (VAS)
Information on science research and presentations within Virginia

Resources for research, news, and career development

Animal Diversity Web
Very large phylogeny and information resource for animals

BBC’s Evolution Webpage
Broad coverage of the topic


American Chemical Society
Leading academic society in chemistry

News, career development, and job opportunities in chemical fields

Periodic Table of the Elements
Online periodic table

Environmental Science

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Official governmental site of the EPA

Endocrine Disruptors Research Initiative

Long Term Ecological Research Network

Natural Resources Research Information Pages (excellent site)


Global Earth History
Paleogeographic views of the Earth history

Fossil Horses in Cyberspace
Paleontology and evolution of horses from Florida Museum of Natural History

Atlas of Paleovegetation
Quaternary Environment Network’s review and atlas of ice age vegetation


Physics Links
Links to societies, institutions, job opportunities, etc.

American Physical Society
Physics information, research, and membership directory

Physics Central
Understand the physics of everyday life

Science Education

National Science Teachers Association

Society for College Science Teachers

National Association of Biology Teachers

The Association for Science Teacher Education

National Association for Research in Science Teaching

American Educational Research Association

SENCER: Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities

Virginia Department of Education

Science NetLinks
THE source for science education

National Center for Science Education
Information about teaching evolution in public schools

Science resources for teachers, parents, and students

Sites at UVa-Wise:

Flora Committee of VAS
Site for the Flora of Virginia Project

Marine Biology
Information about our summer courses at the FSU Marine Laboratory

Southwest Virginia Flora
Extensive list of plants in Southwestern Virginia and on the UVa-Wise campus