Nursing Degree Programs

UVa-Wise Nursing Degree Programs: Pre Licensure Program

Description of Major

The UVa-Wise Nursing Program offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It requires completion of specific general education requirements that all students who graduate from UVa-Wise must meet, as well as completion of upper division nursing major requirements. Learn more about our nursing program, admission requirements and required courses.


Applicants to the Pre-Licensure Program in Nursing should follow the application procedures outlined earlier in this Catalog. Students who are offered admission to the College must also be formally admitted to the UVa-Wise nursing major.

In order to progress to the courses in the major, students must successfully complete the following general education requirements:

Required Liberal Arts / Nursing Core Courses for Degree

*Denotes Science courses which make up science GPA calculation
Subject Area Required Credit Hours
English Composition 6
Literature 3
Mathematics (College Algebra or higher and Statistics required for Nursing) 6
Physical Education 1
Foreign Language 6
Western Heritage 6
Biology 1010 / 1011 * 4
Chemistry 1005 / 1006 or 1010 / 1011 * 4
Biology 2310 / 2320 (Anatomy / Physiology I & II)* 8
Arts 3
Humanities (Logic required for Nursing) 3
Social Sciences (Psychology and Sociology Required for Nursing) 9
Total Liberal Arts / Nursing Core Courses 64
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale for all liberal arts core requirements in the nursing major.
  • Minimum science GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale for Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology sequences.
  • No grade less than a “C-” will be accepted for any liberal arts core course required for the nursing major.
  • Students must complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to admission with an overall minimum score of 64.

Candidates may be awarded provisional acceptance following the application process. All liberal arts core and prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the clinical nursing courses in the fall semester of the junior year. All general science courses must be completed by the end of spring semester of sophomore year. The student must maintain the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all course work prior to beginning the junior clinical nursing courses. Science courses must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.75 with no grade in any science course less than “C-”.

Nursing Courses

Students are admitted in Spring of sophomore year after completing TEAS with 64 or higher and maintaining a 2.75 GPA in science and Liberal Arts core courses.

Sophomore Year (Spring)

Course Credit Hours
NUR3130 2
NUR3140 1
NUR3200 2
Total NUR 5

Junior Year (Fall)

Course Credit Hours
NUR3000 3
NUR3010 3
NUR3030 1
NUR3300 3
NUR3100 3
NUR2100 3
Total 16

*Students must have all Liberal Arts/Nursing Core Courses complete before beginning junior year

Junior Year (Spring)

Course Credit Hours
NUR3400 3
NUR3410 3
NUR3500 3
NUR3510 2
NUR3530 1
NUR3310 3
Total 15

Senior Year (Fall)

Course Credit Hours
NUR4300 3
NUR4310 3
NUR4400 3
NUR4410 3
NUR4030 1
NUR4710 3
Total 16

Senior Year (Spring)

Course Credit Hours
NUR4600 3
NUR4610 2
NUR4800 3
NUR4810 1
NUR4930 3
NUR4940 2
Total 14