RN to BSN Curriculum

RN to BSN Online Curriculum

The RN to BSN Program is a program for registered nurses who have either a diploma or an associate degree in nursing. The RN to BSN Program has been specifically designed for the working registered nurse student. The courses in the RN-BSN major are all online. The optional minor in Leadership Studies will provide the registered nurse with the skills and knowledge necessary for coordinating and managing patient care in complex health situations in health care facilities and in the community. The curriculum is also intended to prepare the registered nurse for graduate studies for advanced practice nursing.


Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible for admission into the nursing major with junior status:

  • Graduation from a state-approved nursing program from a regionally accredited community college or a diploma from a school of nursing
  • Completion of 20 or more of the 53 semester hours of liberal arts core required for graduation with a grade of C or above
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above for all prior academic (non-nursing) work and a 2.3 (C+) or above for all prior nursing course work
  • Licensure as a registered nurse in one or more states (must be licensed in states where clinical experiences are conducted)
  • Characteristics consistent with acceptable academic study and professional practice

Applicants to the program follow regular College admission In addition, as transfer students, they must submit the following:

  • Official transcripts of all academic work completed at other academic institutions they attended including hospital schools of nursing
  • Registration number and expiration date of license to practice nursing


According to UVa-Wise policy for graduation, students must complete at least 58 semester hours in a regionally accredited four-year college or university. They must complete at least 45 hours through UVa-Wise.

RN to BSN Program – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with a minor in Leadership Studies

30 credit hours
Lower division courses in nursing by transfer from a community college or validation of diploma program course work

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses for Degree

*Denotes courses completed within ADN education
**Denotes one course typically completed within ADN education
Subject Area Required Credit Hours
English Composition 6 *
Literature 3
Mathematics (Statistics required for Nursing) 6
Physical Education 1
Foreign Language 6
Western Heritage 6
Natural Science 8 *
Arts 3
Humanities 3 *
Social Sciences (Psychology and Sociology Required for Nursing) 9 **
Total Liberal Arts Core Courses 51

All Liberal Arts Core Courses are available online through UVa-Wise. Courses can be taken at a community college provided last 15 hours are taken at UVa-Wise to meet residency requirement.

RN-BSN Course Sequence

Course Credit Hours
Semester 1
NUR3230 The Professional Role 3
NUR3170 Leadership/Management I 3
NUR4710 Evidence-Based Practice 3
NUR3180 Nursing Theory 3
NUR3190 Appalachian Culture and Health 3
Semester 2
NUR4210 Genomics in Nursing Practice 3
NUR4870 Leadership/Management II 3
NUR4654 Rural/Public Health 3
NUR4190 Health Promotion in Rural Appalachia 3
NUR4920 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 3
Total RN-BSN Course Sequence 30
Total ADN Transfer Nursing Courses 39
Total hours for RN-BSN Degree 120

Course Schedules

Courses are staggered, as shown in the table, so that the student is able to take 15 hours in one semester while continuing to work full-time. One course will run the entire semester, while two courses will run the first seven weeks, and two more will run the second seven weeks. Students will not take more than three courses at any one time.

First Semester Second Semester
First 7 Weeks
of Semester
The Professional Role Nursing Theory Genomics in Nursing Practice Leadership/
Management II
All Semester Evidence-Based Practice Rural / Public Health
Second 7 Weeks
of Semester
Management I
Appalachian Culture and Health Health Promotion
in Rural Appalachia
Transition to Professional
Nursing Practice

Our online program will start in Fall 2019.
For more information contact Kim Lawson or Cathie Collins.