Theater Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Theater Major

The major in theater provides the opportunity to practice and develop a wide variety of insights and skill-sets applicable to graduate or professional work in theater as well as a variety of other careers.  The combined curricular and production programs provide a foundation of theater study and practice from which a student may pursue specific interests through advanced courses and practica.

Admission to the Program

Before being admitted to the program, students must complete any four of the Major Core Curricular Requirements with at least a 2.0 GPA. Formal application to the program should be made by the spring semester of the sophomore year.


THT 1000 Introduction to Theater  3
THT 1100 Stagecraft  3
THT 1200 Acting  3
THT 1300 Introduction to Theatrical Design  3
THT 1500 Major’s Seminar NC
THT 2500 Production & Management  3
THT 3000 Theatrical Aesthetics  3
THT 3001 Theater History and Literature I  3
THT 3002 Theater History and Literature II  3
THT 1111 Technical Theater Practicum I  3
THT 4980 Senior Seminar I  3
THT 4990 Senior Seminar II  3
Plus any 3 of the following:
THT 1211 Performance Practicum I  3
THT 2112 Technical Theater Practicum II  3
THT 2210 Rehearsal Ensemble & Performance I  3
THT 2212 Performance Practicum II  3
THT 2220 Rehearsal Ensemble & Performance II  3
THT 2311 Design Practicum I  3
THT 2511 Production Management Practicum I  3
THT 3113 Technical Theater Practicum III  3
THT 3230 Rehearsal Ensemble & Performance III  3
THT 3240 Rehearsal Ensemble & Performance IV  3
THT 3312 Design Practicum II  3
THT 3313 Design Practicum III  3
THT 3512 Production Management Practicum II  3
THT 3513 Production Management Practicum III  3
Twelve additional credit hours in theater or theater-related courses based on the students interests and in consultation with an advisor.
Theater seminars will be completed each semester of the student’s senior year. These seminars are geared to each student’s specific interests and will be tied to a departmentally authorized production project in the following areas:
1 ) production management/technical direction
2) performance/direction*
3) dramaturgy/playwrighting*
4) design- lighting, sound, scenic, or costume
 *in special circumstances
Students interested in a minor in theater must be approved by theChair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts and mustcomplete the following course of studies:
THT  1000  Introduction to Theater  3
THT 1200 Acting  3
THT 1100 Stagecraft  3
THT 1111 Technical Theater Practicum I  3
Plus 6 hours elected from “Core Production Requirements”  6
Plus 6 hours elected from any additional theater courses  6


Teacher Licensure in Theater

All Theater majors seeking licensure to teach Pre-K-12 with an endorsement theater arts, must complete all requirements for the Teacher Education Program, listed elsewhere in this catalogue. In addition to the theater major course of study, students seeking licensure in theater must complete the following 30 hours of course-work.

THT 4500 Directing  3
EDU 2510 Foundations/Development of American Education  2
EDU 3580 Reading and Language Arts in the Content Areas  3
EDU 3690 Inclusion of Exceptional Children in the Regular Classroom  3
EDU 4080 Classroom Management and Discipline  3
EDU 4090 Foundations of Assessment  1
EDU 4740 Adolescent Development  3
EDU 4820 Design and Development of Instruction, 6-12  3
EDU 4943 Teaching Internship, PreK-12 12

To be recommended by the Division of Theater to the Teacher Education Program (TEP), a student must have a 3.0 grade point average in all theater course work completed at UVa-Wise, with a minimum of 18 credits in theater courses taken at the College. (Those students whose grade point average in theater course work is below 3.0 but above 2.5 may be considered for recommendation to the TEP, if there are special circumstances warranting such consideration.   A request for special consideration must be submitted to the Division of Theater in writing).  For additional requirements and information relative to the TEP, please see that portion of the College Catalogue and/or contact the Director of the Teacher Education Program.