Journal Of Rural Entrepreneurship

The Journal of Rural Entrepreneurship (JRE) is an applied research journal dedicated to enhancing the economic, cultural, and environmental well-being of rural areas. Established in August 2021 by the University of Virginia's College at Wise, the journal seeks original applied research and commentary from academicians, agriculturalists, environmentalists, community planners, and business practitioners who share our desire to improve the quality of life in rural regions.

Examples of environmental topics sought include new varieties of common crops, such as soybeans, hemp and corn, which are insect, drought and flood resistant; non-disruptive ways of harvesting indigenous plant and animal species, e.g., ginseng, sassafras, cohosh, mussels, crayfish, while maintaining ecosystems; and identifying botanical and biological genes that may be useful for pharmaceutical applications.

We also seek manuscripts presenting actionable programs for enhancing rural folk-life and culture, such as theatrical performances by local playwrights and musicians, projects that help form economically viable cooperatives among rural craftspeople, for example, furniture makers, tinsmiths, potters, blacksmiths, silversmiths, quilt makers, and leather workers.

We additionally welcome manuscripts on community economic development. For example, projects that enable community members to locate reliable and competent medical and dental care, reduce overall community energy and transportation costs, improve local supplies of drinking water, and reduce/recycle waste from agricultural activities will be given high priority for publication.

How do I submit?

Manuscripts should be 10-40 pages in length and may include photographs, drawings, graphs, and charts. Any works cited in the manuscript must be referenced at the end, ideally with e-tags.

As an online publication, JRE will also consider carrying video attachments to publications when appropriate.

Submit manuscripts in a single file to Elizabeth Hirschman, Hill-Richmond-Gott Professor of Marketing, Department of Business and Economics, UVA Wise by e-mail to

Each manuscript will be blind reviewed by three persons with expertise in the topic. Like many academic journals, this journal publishes on a receive-review-publish basis, which helps to speed up the diffusion of knowledge. 

Preserving our Past; Illuminating our Future

Elizabeth Hirschman

Elizabeth C.

Hill-Richmond-Gott Professor of Marketing