Summer Program in Entrepreneurship & Cybersecurity

SPEC 2019 is a three week intensive interdisciplinary course which will expand and deepen knowledge of business and computer science students of cybersecurity issues and challenges, while developing an awareness of how these issues furnish opportunities for entrepreneurial and business engagement and growth. Recognizing that regional growth now is global, SPEC always brings students and faculty from other countries to Wise. Foreign partners, often facing analogous problems and challenges, are a source of creativity and new ideas. Development by students of greater international and global perspectives will aid in the effort to create products and services that will help transform the regional economy.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Partner Universities:

Universidad de los Andes (UANDES), Santiago, Chile

Located in northeastern Santiago de Chile, Universidad de Los Andes (UANDES) offers 30 undergraduate programs and more than 300 graduate programs. Its unique campus of 128 acres combines modern infrastructure with open green spaces. Founded in 1989, UANDES is ranked third in Chile according to student selectivity. The school has more than 130 international agreements and offers international exchange programs of one or two semesters, short programs, internships and clerkships, and other academic opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and teachers. UANDES offers courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language to provide international students the necessary tools to interact with and understand Chilean and Latin American culture. Pursuing an international path since July 2014, UANDES offers courses taught in English in different faculties, covering a variety of subjects such as business, marketing, leadership, politics, education, and innovation.

Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain

The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Seville was created in 1971. After several changes and adaptations, including becoming part of the European Higher Education Area, currently the Faculty teaches three degrees and two double degrees (with Right), as well as three double international degrees with the University of Haute Alsace-Strasbourg and Pavia, five master’s degrees, and two doctoral degrees. In 2016-17 there were 4,550 enrolled students. The Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences has 14 departments with teaching and research responsibilities. The teaching team includes more than 400 faculty and more than 50 staff in the administrative office, library, reception desk, computer room and departments. Our Centre has mobility agreements with more than one hundred of universities from different countries, mainly in the Euroarea, but as well in America, Asia, and Africa.

University of South Wales, Newport, Wales

University of Paris, Paris, France