Undergraduate Research Committee

Undergraduate Research Council

Amelia Harris, Chair
John Adrian
Matthew Harvey
Margie Tucker
Cynthia Wilkey
Michael McNulty
Cathleen Collins
Madelynn Shell

Council Statement of Purpose

The Undergraduate Research Council promotes the discovery of new knowledge and expression of the human experience by means of student-faculty collaboration. We conceive an environment in which students understand the importance of research and scholarly activity to them as individuals and to society as a whole. Expanding and enhancing the College’s commitment to a liberal arts experience, the Council takes an active role in promoting student research experiences at the College by:

  • Encouraging connections between research and the classroom throughout the curriculum.
  • Encouraging collaboration among students and faculty in research and expanding the intellectual connections among the undergraduate institutions of the region.
  • Distributing resources for projects, including but not limited to stipends, funds for travel and supplies, and use of requisite College facilities and equipment.
  • Co-sponsoring an annual Undergraduate Research Symposium with Emory & Henry College for students to present their research findings, have proposals reviewed by peers, and discover ways to become involved in further research, while also serving as role models for other students.
  • Recognizing all students undertaking extra-curricular research at the College and honoring the achievements of students who distinguish themselves in research through “Graduation with Research Honors,” and sponsoring the Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.
  • Recognizing the mentoring relationships faculty develop with research students and the scholarly achievements of student-faculty collaborations at the College.