Gifted Coordinators

Gifted Coordinators

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Governor’s School in Theater Arts serves the 21 school districts of Region 7 in Southwest Virginia and is overseen by the Region’s Gifted Consortium.

Gov School 4Nomination materials are sent in February to the superintendents and Gifted Coordinators for each of these eligible school districts as well as to the district’s high schools. Students from these regions must ultimately be nominated by their home school district for participation in the Governor’s School Program.

In order to simply the process of information gathering in the nomination procedures, we have developed an application form that is accessible online. Teachers, administrators, and gifted coordinators who would like to nominate a student can encourage or help that student to fill out the application form… or send a link to the student’s parent/s or legal guardian. In addition to the student application form, each student’s application should be accompanied by a teacher’s evaluation of the student’s work in theater or a similar activity. Once the application deadline (April 1st) has passed, gifted coordinators at the district level will be contacted and asked to rank the applications from their respective districts (unless the total applications do not exceed the program’s capacity).

Gov School 7

Governor’s School Final Performance


A PDF presentation of the program can be downloaded here. A smaller media player version of the same slide-show can be downloaded here. It is a 10MB .wmv file and requires a media player that will play Windows Media Video files.  (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, and Picasa 3 are free programs that will play .wmv files)

What kind of student are you looking for?

Student Application Form

Teacher’s Evaluation (of student) form.

If you have any questions, contact Michael McNulty, Program Director at
276.328.0226 or


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