GS Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As a participant in this Governor’s School, your behavior and actions directly reflect on the reputation of the program and your home high school. The following community standards have been developed over the 20+ years of the program and are required of all students at all times throughout the program. Infractions against or Refusal to follow these standards could lead to your immediate dismissal from the program and notification of your infraction to your home school district.

  1. Students will treat all other individuals and property with respect and courtesy at all times.
  2. Students will participate in all Governor’s School activities and only in Governor’s School activities.
  3. Cell phones may only be kept in the student’s assigned room in the residence hall and may only be used at the residence hall during free time. Cell phones are not to be brought to classes or rehearsals.
  4. Due to the rigorous physical activity involved daily in classes and rehearsals, students are expected to shower and follow standard oral and physical hygiene practices DAILY.
  5. No cars are allowed to be brought on campus or used by the students for the duration of the program.
  6. No cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances are allowed.
  7. No weapons of any kind are permitted.
  8. Visitors are limited to parents/guardians of the participant at scheduled times on the weekends.
  9. Students are never allowed in the dorm room of a student of the opposite sex or in a dorm room in any other hall on campus.
  10. Students will remain in their dorm suites every night between 10:30 P.M. and 7 AM except in the event of an emergency or if authorized by the Program Director or Resident Director.
  11. Any willful destruction of property of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise will result in dismissal.

Printable pdf signature form of the Governor’s School Code of Conduct