Honors Program

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Academic Honors Program

UVa-Wise’s academic honors program offers a variety of opportunities for academically motivated students to grow, stand out, and be challenged beyond the typical course load. The honors program offerings include intensive courses, out-of-class activities, honors seminars, independent projects and more.

The Peake Honors Program

The Peake Honors Program offers academically-motivated students an array of opportunities to challenge and distinguish themselves by participating in intensive, interdisciplinary courses and enriching out-of-class activities. The honors program offers special Honors Seminars that emphasize intensive study and discussion, culminating in a senior-year capstone project of interdisciplinary independent work. Honors students completing the program not only gain the skills associated with advanced study, they also earn the distinction of graduating “With College Honors.”

Honors seminars previously offered through the Peake Honors Program include:

  • Religion and Science
  • The Black Death
  • The Commercial Future of Space Exploration
  • The Garden in Western Culture

Program Director

John Mark Adrian, Ph.D.
Program Director
Professor of English
Zehmer 129

Honors Program Admission Requirements & Application

The Peake Honors Program is open to UVa-Wise Freshman with an academic GPA of 3.5 or higher and a combined SAT score (Math + Reading) of 1200 or better. For information about upperclassmen admission to the honors program, please contact the Program Director.