Minor In Medieval-Renaissance Studies

Minor In Medieval-Renaissance Studies

Coordinator: Kenneth Tiller

The minor in Medieval-Renaissance Studies is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the history, literature, art, culture, and language of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, or Early Modern, periods, from the sixth to the mid-seventeenth century. Based on the premise that knowledge of the past prepares us for the future, the minor is particularly suited for students majoring in History and/or English with an interest in these periods and planning to pursue graduate work; it may also be of interest to students majoring in the arts or in one of the foreign languages. The minor encourages interdisciplinary approaches. The prospective minor will work out a coherent academic curriculum after consultation with the Medieval-Renaissance Studies coordinator.

The minor will include: 18 credits, at least six of which must be in courses numbered 3000 or above.

I. Six (6) credits from the following history courses:

HIS 3300/4300: Byzantium and Islam
HIS 3355/4355: Medieval Europe I
HIS 3360/4360: Medieval Europe II
HIS 3410/4410: Early Modern Europe from 1500 to 1789
HIS 3500/4500: History of England to 1660
HIS 3552/4552: History of the Early Church

II. Six (6) credits from the following literature courses:

ENG 3050: Western Literary Traditions I
ENG 3070: Arthurian Literature
ENG 3120: Topics in World Literature (Medieval or Early Modern subjects as determined by the coordinator) ENG 3140: Topics in British Literature (as above)
ENG 3160: The Knight in Literature and Culture
ENG 3270: Survey of British Literature I
ENG 3420: History of the English Language
ENG 3690: 16th Century British Literature
ENG 3700: 17th Century British Literature (Milton)
ENG 4000: Chaucer
ENG 4010: Studies in Medieval British Literature
ENG 4050: Shakespeare: The Early Plays
ENG 4060: Shakespeare: The Late Plays

III. Three (3) credits from the following humanities courses:

ART 3500: History of Art I
FRE 3010: Introduction to French Civilization
FRE 4510: French Literature of the Middle Ages
FRE 4610: French Literature for the Renaissance
FRE 4570: French Poetry
GER 3010: Introduction to German Culture and Civilization
GER 3780: Survey of German Literature I
GER 3920: German Literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (in translation)
PHI 3052: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
REL 2010: The Hebrew Bible in Historical and Cultural Context
REL 2020: The New Testament and Early Christianity
SPA 3500: Medieval-Golden Age Survey
SPA 3830: History of the Spanish Language Any foreign language course numbered 2000 or above as approved by the coordinator

IV. Three (3) credits chosen from any one of the above selections