Women’s Studies

Minor in Women's Studies

Coordinator: Cindy Wilkey

The minor in women’s studies is designed to provide students with an understanding of the challenges faced by women in the modern world. It is particularly suited for those students who wish to explore women’s roles in contemporary society and how these roles may impinge on their activities as well as the activities of those with whom they interact. The student seeking the Minor in Women’s Studies will plan a coherent curriculum for the minor in consultation with the Women’s Studies coordinator and the advisor of the academic major.

The minor will include:

I. HUM 3450 Introduction to Women’s Studies

II. Twelve hours selected from the following courses:

ENG 3120 Topics in Women’s Literature: Women in Literature
ENG 3130 Topics in American Literature: Women’s Literature: Creative Vision
ENG 3130 Topics in American Literature: The American Eve
ENG 3140 Topics in British Literature: Victorian Women Novelists
HIS 3470/4470 Women in European History
HIS 3650/4650 Women in American History
PSY 3000 Psychology of Gender
PSY 3060 Cultural Diversity
SOC 1550 Marriage and the Family
SOC 3300 Sociology of Gender

III. HUM 3960 Research in Women’s Studies