Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Summer College

  1. It’s your choice. Students enrolled in Summer College may choose from classes in a variety of areas, including music, biology, computer science, history and business, among others. What’s more is that students may take classes at the Wise campus or the Abingdon campus, with some classes available online.
  2. Fulfill degree requirements. Summer College is perfect if you’re trying to graduate by a certain date or simply want to take care of required courses in a shorter time frame. Each of the two summer sessions lasts five weeks.  The College offers a consistent catalog of required and popular courses every summer.  Some are offered every summer and others rotate between odd and even years.  In addition, there are some electives every summer.  You can plan ahead to fulfill your program requirements. See the Summer Core Schedule here.
  3. Try something new. Thanks to the variety of courses available, Summer College is a great way to attend a class in a new field and to learn something new.  Consistently popular offerings include the “Psychology of Love,” “Literature of the Fantastic,” and “Serial Killers & Their Victims.”Students class
  4. Small class sizes. Summer classes at UVa-Wise tend to be even smaller than our offerings during the regular academic year.  That means you get more opportunities to interact with your faculty and to receive individual help.  It also means that you’ll have an easier time finding a seat in especially popular offerings, such as lower division Psychology classes and Natural Sciences courses to fulfill general education requirements.
  5. Planning to attend UVa-Wise soon? Start early. If you are graduating from high school in the spring or are ready to transfer from a community college, get a jump start on your UVa-Wise education. Summer College can make the transition to UVa-Wise easier.
  6. Not a UVa-Wise student? No problem.* Summer College is open to currently enrolled students at UVa-Wise and to students at schools, colleges and universities throughout Virginia and beyond. If you’re not a currently enrolled UVa-Wise student, you can take what you’ve learned during Summer College back to your home institution while sharing your experiences at UVa-Wise with classmates and professors.
  7. Home for the summer?* No matter where you attend college, if you’re from the Southwest Virginia area and plan to spend summer at home, you can take courses at UVa-Wise that can transfer to your college or university. Fulfill general education requirements or take a course not offered at your institution.
  8. Ready to go back to school and earn your degree?* Nontraditional students will find Summer College an easy transition to campus life to get on track to finally earning that long-awaited college degree.
  9. In high school but want to get a jump start?* High school students may enroll in Summer College to start their UVa-Wise education early.
  10. Senior citizen or lifelong learner?* No matter your age or ambition, Summer College is a great way to try a college course and learn something interesting, unique or beneficial.

Bonus Reason!
Experience Southwest Virginia.
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*If you’re not currently enrolled as a UVa-Wise student, download and fill out the Application for Non-Degree Admission and mail it in to us.